The Wander Way

Do you consider yourself outdoorsy but also chic? Do you enjoy getting mud on your face just as much as foundation? Do you hit the trail just as much as you hit the books and can’t help but struggle to find a space in which the two aren’t mutually exclusive?

We did. That’s why we created Wander, a community for women who work, work out and get out.

Women’s publications are always aiming to target the ‘modern woman.’ To us, she’s the chick who runs, climbs, kicks ass in the board room and rocks a bitchin’ pair of pumps. She ascends in all aspects of her life, outside, in the office, in her relationships, and knows that each plays an important part in the other. She’s kind of wonderwoman. Wander woman. And she has an entire community dedicated to her life.

Our mission is simple:

Engage women with the outdoors and each other through a collective movement that encourages enthusiastic curiosity in the possibilities of work, personal life and active ventures.

Our vision, growing:

Wander aims to create a movement that celebrates and empowers today’s active, chic women by dissolving the traditional divides between women, work, adventure and play through the distribution of a vibrant, honest and playful online publication. 

And our purpose, paramount:

The purpose of Wander is to embed the idea of femininity within adventure to show that the two are not mutually exclusive. With success, Wander will empower women to venture while taking on the wild places of work and personal life.  One cannot wander well without creativity, a will to discover and a good sense of humor, all of which Wander aims to embody.

We’re here to offer honest, consistent content to navigate this ever changing hurricane we call existence as women.

Welcome. it’s Wanderful to have you.