One cannot wander without creativity, a will to discover and a sense of humor.

Wander aims to create a movement that celebrates and empowers today’s active, chic women by dissolving the traditional divides between women, work, adventure and play through the distribution of a vibrant, honest and playful online publication. 

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About Us

We’re hard working, harder sweating, pencil skirt-wearing partiers. We own carabiners, curling irons, heels and hiking shoes. We’re searching for health, wealth and success, and intend to have a little fun on the way. We are your outdoorsy, adventurous, ambitious, chic women, and we believe that none of the above terms should be considered mutually exclusive.

We also hate the royal “we,” but love the power of “us.”

And we decided to make a publication about it all, and then some.


We’re grassroots. Sharing our story rather than buying your attention. Help some sistas out. Spread the word. #wanderwomen #wandermovement #wanderful

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Testimonials from Wander Women

This looks so phenomenal! I can’t wait to read.

Sabra Davison Skier, Mountain Biker, co-founder Little Bellas 

When I first heard this idea, I kept thinking, that is me. I get that lifestyle.

Isabella Isaken 2016 USA Olympian, Modern Pentathlon